This is the debut release from Aniela records introducing Jonas Bering’s new own label. What’s best to start the game with some of his closest relations ? Jonas recorded his mother’s voice during a personal spanish lesson for the track “Chica”. It will definitely bring something special to the dancefloor. Title track “Go deep” welcomes talented french guitarist Christophe Maerten. The duet is smartly inspired for a deep and funky session. Both tracks are made up for overcrowded club.

Format : Digital
Release date : April 24th 2017
Presales date : March 27th 2017

Guitarist Christophe Maerten is responsible for doing the “bee” sound on the track “Go deep” with Jonas Bering on Aniela Records‘ debut single. Do like us and get your real honey from Christophe Maerten´s wife own urban beehive at Les Mûres ont des Abeilles.

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